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Ushering in the Passwordless Future at Dashlane

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With a passwordless future on the horizon, Dashlane is excited to introduce integrated passkey support in our password manager and unveil the first in-browser passkey solution.

You may have heard the term “passwordless authentication” or seen it in the news recently. Passwordless authentication means that users will be able to log in to a website without entering a password, with their smartphones or laptops acting as authenticators. In the coming weeks, smartphones and laptops will receive a system update that will make passwordless authentication a reality. 

This more secure, phishing-resistant authentication method has been discussed for years, but adoption has been slow because of technical burdens on the user, limited adoption by websites, and limited interoperability of solutions across platforms (browsers, operating systems, and devices). However, recent industry announcements from the FIDO (“Fast IDentity Online”) Alliance and larger platform players like Apple, Microsoft, and Google bring hope that adoption may soon begin to ramp up.

Today, Dashlane is introducing integrated passkey support in our security-first password manager and unveiling the first in-browser passkey solution. Offering passkey support in our password manager is the natural evolution of our offerings, tied to our mission of making security simple for millions of organizations and their people. Today’s biggest security issue stems from stolen logins—over 80% of breaches occur as a result. Dashlane Password Manager already addresses this problem, and launching a passwordless authentication solution will be another powerful part of addressing this problem in the future.

What does this mean for our users?

  • The Dashlane user experience will be even better. Users can log in across all types of sites with Dashlane—including those that support the new passwordless authentication and sites that require a password.
  • Users can store their passkeys for multiple sites and benefit from the same convenience and security they already have with their passwords.
  • They’ll enjoy “automagically” logging in to sites, seamless operation across multiple platforms, and our patented zero-knowledge architecture, which means no one except the user can access their logins. (Not even Dashlane can access them.) 

The Dashlane passkey solution is currently in tech preview and will be available to Dashlane users in the coming weeks.

Update: Passkeys are a simpler and more secure way to log in. Learn how they work and how Dashlane streamlines access.

Does this mean passwords are going away? 

No, not anytime soon. Passwordless authentication is a promising development, but because of the ubiquity of passwords across every type of website and application, there will likely be a long transition period, and passwords may never fully disappear. Any complete authentication solution must incorporate support for both passwords and passkeys.

By introducing passkey support, Dashlane Password Manager will have a complete solution for users, no matter the type of login. They’ll be able to manage their logins, whether passkeys or passwords, as they do today—with secure sharing capabilities, access controls for businesses, multi-device sync, and multi-platform interoperability. 

Why is Dashlane’s solution better than others? 

  1. It’s seamless. Because Dashlane Password Manager operates as a browser extension, passwordless login to websites occurs instantly—without any communication with a desktop app or mobile phone—creating a more seamless experience.
  2. It’s universal. Dashlane Password Manager is an independent and universal solution agnostic of the device or platform.
  3. It’s the same award-winning user experience. Because Dashlane manages both passkeys and passwords, the user experience is essentially the same once logged in to Dashlane. 
  4. It’s safe and private. Dashlane’s zero-knowledge architecture means that all credentials are secure even if our servers are breached (which has never happened in the 13+ years we’ve been in business).

You'll hear a lot about passwordless authentication over the next few months. After years of groundwork and research by members of the FIDO Alliance, we're one giant step closer to logging in without a password. We’re excited to usher in the passwordless future and continue providing our users with best-in-class security and award-winning UX with our all-encompassing Dashlane solution.

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